Tam Tam the Sandwich Man and the Magical Sugar Cookies formed slowly in the early spring to autumn of 2007.

Originally starting as a drum and bass project between two new friends, Todd Gerding and Jordan Duttinger, as a way to entertain themselves it was soon apparent something was missing.

After trying out a few people in the search for a guitarist Todd recalled that the drummer from his old band The Alphabet, Nina Chaplin, played guitar. So they gave her a call. After a rough start it occurred to them that they had not smoked any weed. After a short break they returned and Nina fit in perfectly.

Soon they had a core of songs and released their first project and have since continued to play shows and produce music. Having played a multitude of shows around the country with the likes of Turbo Fruits, Natural Child, Daikaiju, and many others they have become a fine tuned and beautiful sounding machine.

Perhaps less of a machine and more of a family. Two thunder brothers with a lightning sister.